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Energy-Onix Demonstrates DRE’s FMeXtra to International Idea Bank

Energy-Onix Demonstrates DRE's FMeXtra to International Idea Bank

Energy-Onix said it has installed an encoder from Digital Radio Express at WBUZ(FM) in Nashville.
Energy-Onix President Bernie Wise, WBUZ Chief Engineer David Wilson and Cromwell Radio Group President Bud Walters completed the installation in the 100 kW ERP facility to demonstrate the multicasting ability of the FMeXtra digital subcarrier technology to International Idea Bank members attending a meeting.
The DRE system digitizes FM subcarriers; the company says it enables an FM station to transmit up to 16 digital programs using existing equipment. The transmitter site was about 40 miles from the meeting location.
Energy-Onix said in addition to the analog program, two digital stereo channels and one RDS signal were transmitted and received in an area noted for multipath interference. The group used an existing Moseley analog STL, Energy-Onix 25 kW transmitter and analog studio equipment, according to the supplier, which stated, “The only addition was a 3-foot jumper that connected the DRE encoder to the SCA input of the STL transmitter.”
The system was operational for the three-day meeting. The International Idea Bank is a non-profit organization established to provide a way for inventors to turn ideas into marketable products.
The supplier says production receivers are slated for Q1 availability.