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Engineers Day Is This Week in Hartford

SBE 14 conducts Ennes Workshop Thursday

A reminder that “Engineers Day” will be held this week in Connecticut.

Engineers Day may not quite rate its own card section at the Hallmark store, but there will be an event with that name Thursday, May 19. The Connecticut/Western Massachusetts chapter of the Society of Broadcast Engineers, SBE 14, is sponsoring the event.

The driving force of the day is an Ennes Workshop. As standard with Ennes Workshops there will be radio, TV and crossover sessions.

Of interest to radio engineers will be “Considerations for Digital Radio Antenna Design” hosted by Matt Leland of SPX Communication Technology; “A New Approach to Solid-State High-Power FM Amplifiers” by Tim Anderson of Harris; “The Good News Is That 10 dB Is Here — the Bad News Is That 10 dB Is Here,” by Sean Edwards of Shively Labs; “Real-World AoIP Problem-Solving” with Phil Owens of Wheatstone; and a joint session of interest to radio and TV, “The SNMP Protocol and Its Integration as a Broadcast Monitoring Tool,” conducted by Tony Peterle of WorldCast Systems (who has written on that topic in Radio World Engineering Extra).

Workbench author John Bisset of Tieline will talk about “Keeping It Going in the Real World.”

The event will be at the Courtyard Marriott in Cromwell, Conn. Ennes Workshops are provided by the SBE as part of its Ennes Educational Foundation Trust educational outreach efforts. Attendance of an Ennes Workshop also counts towards SBE certification.