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Engineer’s Presumed Electrocution Is Under Investigation

‘Everyone with a radio station in North Mississippi knew him’

“Everyone with a radio station in North Mississippi knew him.”

Jerry Campbell is the man referred to by Darrel Jordan, the Student Media Center chief engineer at the University of Mississippi. Jordan was quoted by The Daily Mississippian.

Campbell died last week and is presumed to have been electrocuted while working alone on a transmitter at WDMS(FM), Greenville, Miss.

Campbell’s son Steve told the paper that, in addition to radio, his father enjoyed gardening and showing horses. “Dad was always cheerful,” the Daily Mississippian quoted him as saying. “He never saw any problem that couldn’t be fixed.”

The 73-year-old Campbell co-founded the school’s Rebel Radio and its TV station, and worked as the chief engineer of the Student Media Center before Jordan took over in 2004, according to the paper. Campbell also did contract engineering work and that’s apparently why he was at WDMS last Thursday night working alone on the transmitter after it went off the air. Read more about Campbell’s life in the account by the Daily Mississipian.

According to a story from WXVT television in Greenville, Miss., Campbell’s death is under investigation.