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Enhancements for Radio-Assist 8

Improved music scheduling and a video editing module is added

According to Netia, its Radio-Assist 8 automation platform features two significant new features — an integrated music scheduling application and video editing capability.

Radio-Assist 8.1 now allows users to expand usage of the built-in music-scheduling function, says Netia. With music management tools integrated into Radio-Assist 8.1’s FederAll playlist preparation module, users can automate playlist generation according to preset criteria, business policies and a wide range of intelligent options for sequencing music.

The video editing tool, which Netia explains complements the software’s Snippet and Snippet+ audio editing tools, addresses the increasing demand for radio broadcasters to provide video via online portals. The editing tool is available through the same GUI as the Snippet tool and allows staff to produce video clips with very little training.