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Enspert Announces Android Tablet with DAB

Four models available all with built-in Eureka-147 reception capabilities

Korean electronics manufacturer Enspert has teamed up with the International DMB Advancement Group (IDAG) to bring an Andorid-based tablet to market in Asia, Europe, Africa and Australia.

The device will have built-in capabilities to receive T-DMB, DAB and DAB+ signals.

“Enspert’s devices do more than other tablets, they also include radio and TV. That opens up for innovative combinations between broadcasting and the Internet and will give the best of two worlds,” said IDAG President Gunnar Garfors. Garforms is also CEO of Norwegian DMB broadcaster NMTV.

The tablets will be sold under the brandname Identity and will be available in four models with screen sizes from 7 to 9 inches and processors from 1 GHz.

Production will happen in South Korea, and distribution is planned for Australia, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, South Africa and Vietnam.

On his blog, Garfors noted that the tablet will have an API communicating with the DMB receiver, allowing developers to create apps that will combine over-the-air broadcasting with Internet-based activities — such as rating a program, voting in a competition or chatting with other viewers about the program — all from the same screen.