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Entercom Audience Analytics Unveiled

Claims partnership with AnalyticOwl will offer advertisers new insights

In a move designed to deliver better insights for advertisers into the effectiveness of their campaigns, Entercom Communications Corp. has formed a partnership with AnalyticOwl, a broadcast analytics platform. According to Entercom, the new tool, known as Entercom Audience Analytics, will track and quantify the impact that on-air advertising campaigns have on web conversions and online lift.

By using this data, Entercom says, it can provide its clients with advanced analytic insights regarding the advertising copy, airtime, and offers that resonate most with listeners. As a result, Entercom claims, advertisers are better able to identify opportunities for creative ad placement in near real time so they can maximize their return on investment.

The announcement comes after the merge of Entercom and CBS Radio. Audience Analytics is the expansion of a preexisting CBS Radio asset which will be enhanced and deployed across the entire Entercom footprint. The move, says Entercom, is part of their strategy to invest in growth and to adopt best practices from both Entercom and CBS Radio in order to deliver first-class capabilities to advertisers and partners.

Commenting on the partnership, Bob Philips, Entercom’s Chief Revenue Officer said, “Entercom Audience Analytics will enable us to develop a more consultative relationship with our advertising partners and more effectively measure and validate the important role of radio in the consumers’ path to purchase.”