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Entercom to Accelerate its IBOC Conversion

Entercom to Accelerate its IBOC Conversion

Another large radio group has committed to converting the bulk of its stations to IBOC.
Entercom Communications Corp. plans to accelerate the IBOC rollout of its stations by converting 80% over the next four years. The company has six stations converted now, one FM in Boston and five FMs in Seattle.
Clear Channel has also committed to converting most of its stations.
Entercom has equipment on order for converting eight more stations, five in Portland and three in Denver, this year, according to John Donlevie, Entercom executive vice president and general counsel. Conversion costs for the company are running from about $100,000 to $150,000.
Entercom Vice President of Engineering, Marty Hadfield, is in charge of the rollout.
The company hasn’t released what additional markets it will convert, but will likely focus on transitioning FMs first, Donlevie said.
When asked what prompted the announcement now, he said “We think it’s an enhancement for our listeners. You should always be striving to improve your product.”
Entercom, an Ibiquity investor, has 104 stations.

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