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Entercom’s Field Tweets About Paris Agreement

The broadcaster is among companies that want Trump administration to address climate change

Entercom CEO David Field has taken a stand on a regulatory subject that might not seem related to broadcasting at first glance: climate change.

Field tweeted Thursday that Entercom has signed a letter that expresses support for the Paris climate agreement, the United Nations’ framework for addressing climate change.

Entercom is not alone; according to the New York Times article, there are more than 365 U.S. companies representing various sectors that are telling President-Elect Trump and President Obama that they support the efforts to address climate change.

Trump has cast doubt on his willingness to support the deal and skepticism about the validity of the EPA’s efforts; he has questioned whether global warming is a real phenomenon.

Field has tweeted previously about his support for the climate agreement and other sustainability efforts, including a quote from Pope Francis. However, his account is largely apolitical aside from this issue; the majority of his tweets focus on sports, music, and of course, radio.