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Envision Networks, RadioTraks Introduce Promo Tool

Majority Rules Brackets enable stations to conduct bracket-style tournaments

Envision Networks and RadioTraks have introduced Majority Rules Brackets, a service that enables radio stations to pit artists, songs, local favorites and more against one another in listener-voted tournaments.

“This is an idea that grew from my own experience as a program director setting up and administering tournament brackets manually,” said RadioTraks President/CEO Hal Fish. “With Majority Rules Brackets you can literally set it and forget it. Tournaments update automatically based on your parameters and listener input.”

Listeners can access Majority Rules Brackets via the Web or their mobile devices. In addition to voting, participants can also compete against one another by submitting their own picks before a tournament starts.

Majority Rules Brackets comes preloaded with artists and songs, and the service also lets users create open tournaments where listeners can vote on anything from the best local pizza place to their favorite beer. Each tournament can be tailored to fit individual needs with on-air and off-air options, customizable voting windows and multiple bracket sizes available.

RadioTraks also says that the tool presents new sponsorship opportunities to boost digital sales.

A free two-week trial is currently available. View this preview on YouTube.

RadioTraks offers programs and services to radio stations and the record industry, and Envision Networks provides content and services to more than 1,500 radio stations and reaches millions of listeners each week.