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ERI Band-Pass Filters Introduced

ERI Band-Pass Filters Introduced

ERI will introduce a new FM Band-Pass Filter product line at the convention this week, aimed at IBOC and low-power analog FM users.
“The filter series is designed for use as a band-pass filter for protection from undesirable cross modulation products and can also be configured as a branch combiner for combining two or three analog or IBOC transmitters into a single antenna,” it stated.
The manufacturer also has a constant impedance combining module available in the 955 Series. The filters are rated at 3 kilowatts average power and can be tuned for any FM operating channel between 88 and 108 MHz.
“The filter cavities are sized to provide low insertion loss resulting in minimal temperature rise and reduced transmitter power loss,” ERI stated. “The individual cavities are loop coupled so that each filter bank can be optimized for the particular application required and can be retuned in the field if necessary.”
Filters are provided with an integrated floor mounting frame that can suspended from a ceiling or wall mount, with optional mounting hardware.