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ERI Will Protect Rototiller Name

ERI Will Protect Rototiller Name

The word Rototiller belongs to ERI, the company says, and it intends to defend its registered trademark.
The antenna company put out a release saying it will “vigorously protect and defend its registered trademark of the word ‘Rototiller,’ the trade name of ERI’s most popular and market-leading side-mounted
circularly polarized FM antenna product line.”
The antenna, which is marketed by ERI and also available in private-label versions from Harris, Continental and BE, was designed by ERI’s President and CEO Tom Silliman in the 1970s, it said, and the term was first used in commerce in early 1976.
“The term Rototiller was actually first applied informally by some personnel at the radio stations that used the product, later we at ERI also began referring to our LP and SHP series FM antennas as Rototiller’s as well,” Silliman was quoted as saying.
“We feel that it is necessary for us, as a company, to protect the name and prevent other companies from deceptively identifying their FM antennas as being a Rototiller. Rototiller FM antennas are only available from ERI.”
ERI said it was granted registration of the word mark by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office last year.
“While the ownership of this trademark does not prevent other companies from manufacturing and selling similar FM antennas, the registration does preclude the use of the term in a manner that may confuse buyers as to the product they are purchasing.”