eSkimmer Offers Digital Loggers

eSkimmer Offers Digital Loggers
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eSkimmer is touting its digital audio logger, which allows access to audio recordings via the Internet, LAN or WAN.
Users can e-mail audio recordings from client software, export and store in multiple formats on multiple servers a variety of destinations. eSkimmers can link to create a logging network and can skim from any audio source, run on Windows or MAC and allow viewing of 1,000 channels at once.
The DVR-Platinum Appliance is a 4 RU system that includes hardware and software for up to eight stereo channels with 140 GB of audio storage for $9,999. The DVR-Gold Appliance is a 3 RU system for up to four stereo channels with 70 GB of storage for $6,999. The DVR-Mobile Appliance is a mobile system that includes for recording up to two mono audio channels with 20 GB of storage for $2,499.