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ESPN Radio Beefs Up Online Elements

Announces upgrade to its standard radio streamer that includes pause and rewind

The streaming elves at ESPN Radio have been busy.

The biggest news is a revamp to the stream player. Top of the new feature list is Instant Replay, a control for pausing and rewinding streamed content, just like a DVR. “Using exclusive technology, listeners will now have the ability to pause and rewind live streaming programming for up to 30 minutes on all accessible ESPN stations within the newly enhanced super stream player,” it states.

New features also include access to updated “Sports Center” broadcasts, increased access to ESPN podcasts, improved news/scores crawler and improved social media tools. Additionally, increased integration with ESPN local market stations is built into the player.

Here’s a video demo.

Also announced is a Super Bowl-oriented “Super Week Webcam.” This follows news, happenings, content and video streaming of ESPN Radio programs devoted to the Super Bowl. At certain times it will offer full-screen video (obviously dependent upon the viewer’s Internet connection).

Both Web players were launched in partnership with Yahoo. notes that it was named the most-listened-to online stream of any terrestrial broadcaster in the world by Ando Media Web Metrics, reaching more than 420,000 unique listeners per month. Since its launch in September, ESPN Radio has been the top paid sports app in the iTunes App Store, it said.