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ETSI Updates DAB’s Character Set

Revisions made to ensure DAB is not hampered in Eastern Europe with poor text renderings

The European Standards Organization, ETSI, has published a revision to Technical Standard 101 756 DAB, listing the main character set used for station names and texts for radio programs.

The revision is designed to ensure that the spread of DAB into Eastern Europe is not hampered with poor text renderings, explains WorldDAB.

The WorldDAB technical committee generated a list of priority languages to be featured as part of the revision based on research of countries using or about to use DAB. It then added a second tier of languages, which comprised all the Latin-based languages used in Europe. Additional characters have been added to complete the alphabets for Czech, French, Hungarian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Maltese, Polish, Romanian and Slovak.

The revised registered tables can be downloaded here.