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EU Adopts Eureka-147

EU Adopts Eureka-147

The European Commission has recognized the Eureka-147 technology for terrestrial digital radio broadcasting as a recommended transmission system.
On Dec. 31, 2002, the European Commission published in its official journal a list of standards and specifications for electronic communications networks, services and associated facilities. The list includes a new broadcasting chapter with recommended transmission systems for television and radio.
The Eureka-147 DAB system (ETSI EN 300 401) is listed as the only standard qualifying as suitable for the transmission of digital radio broadcasts. European Union member states must encourage the use of the standards listed by the commission but there is no legal obligation to implement them.
The list of standards will be subject to revision on a regular basis to take account new technologies and market changes. (Presumably the Digital Radio Mondiale system for AM terrestrial digital radio might be listed in the future, as might IBOC, to give Europeans a choice of standards.)