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Eureka-147 Radio Sales Start to Rise

Eureka-147 Radio Sales Start to Rise

Eureka-147 proponents believe sales of DAB radios in Europe are poised for growth. The United Kingdom tops 1.2 million units in homes at the end of 2004. Sales in the UK showed an increase of 122% in 2003; and 178% in 2004. Comparatively, Denmark has shown an increase of 525% in 2004, and Belgium a 400% in the same period.
The World DAB Forum cited Denmark as an example of the rise in Eureka-147 radio sales. With 80% population coverage, nearly 20 services broadcasting on DAB, a marketing campaign from broadcaster Danmarks Radio, and point-of-sale in stores for the first time, 40,000 DAB digital radios were sold in 2004, up from 6,400 at the beginning of the year, so said the group.

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