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Euro HD Radio Alliance Meets

Chairman cites 'increased interest' in the technology

As U.S. broadcasters continue to debate the merits and implications of HD Radio, advocates of the platform in Europe held their second annual meeting.

The European HD Radio Alliance met in Rotkreuz, Switzerland, hosted by early adopter Radio Sunshine.

“In addition to electing a new executive committee, participants received briefings on ongoing HD Radio operations in Romania, Switzerland and Ukraine, and plans to adopt the technology later in 2010 by a group of private Swiss broadcasters,” the organization said in a summary.

“The executive committee also announced it focus in the coming year on supporting successful launches of the technology and increasing communications with broadcasters and regulators throughout the region.”

The EHDRA executive committee consists of Jürg Bachmann of Goldbach Media, its chairman, as well as representatives of iBiquity Digital, Ruoss AG/Sunshine Radio and Data Technology Consulting.

Bachmann was quoted in the statement: “We continue to see increased interest in HD Radio technology from broadcasters and regulators across Europe, especially from private broadcasters who are concerned that new spectrum solutions for digital radio will be cost prohibitive to them. Personally, I was very excited to see the new HD Radio accessory for the iPhone. Low-cost portable solutions such as this will be critical to the success of HD Radio rollout in Europe.”

The group also noted the recent launch of Radio Guerilla 94.8 in HD Radio in Bucharest.