Eventide Extends Delay

Increase aids in synchronizing analog and digital signals
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Eventide, maker of profanity delays, has announced a software upgrade for its BD600 and BD600E profanity delays.

The new software, V. 1.8, adds 10 seconds to the MicroPrecision Delay, making it 20 seconds in total time.

Eventide explains the MicroPrecision Delay “offers HD broadcasters subsample synchronization between digital and analog signal transmission in order to maintain a seamless user experience. The BD600 MicroPrecision Delay mode with the new V. 1.8 upgrade will provide up to a 20-second delay with a superfine delay adjustable in real time in 100 nanosecond increments for synchronizing analog and digital signals for HD radio installations or anywhere sub-sample synchronization is required.”

Also added in V. 1.8 allows storage of four MicroPrecision Delay presets and a remote control (via RS-232) to order a ramping to a given delay value.

The free software upgrades will be available in May.


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Eventide Delay Takes Affordable Route

Eventide, inventor of the digital broadcast obscenity delay, has introduced a low-cost broadcast delay that will give stations that cannot afford a more costly delay system a means of protecting themselves during live-caller programs.

Eventide Updates BD600E

New in version 1.5 of the Eventide BD600E is Station Break mode, which allows users seamlessly to insert into the audio program a station break or commercial stored on the Compact Flash card, without increasing show length.

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HD-R Delay Needn't Be a Pain

In order to make possible a seamless blend, broadcasters are now forced into delaying their analog signal in order to match the digital signal. When broadcasters implement this delay, there are several considerations that come into play.