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Eventide Lengthens Delay Time

Eventide Lengthens Delay Time

What will be the new standard delay time for radio stations? Seems a safe bet it’ll be a lot more than 7 seconds; as reported here earlier, Clear Channel is among the radio groups installing exploring technologies that would allow much longer delays in programming so that managers can better control content.
Now Eventide is investing in an upgrade to its broadcast delay products. The company plans to promote its BD500-100 model at the NAB show, and will begin shipping the unit with 20 seconds of delay, standard, with no price increase. Also, new units will be available at 40 seconds of delay, for a price not yet made public.
The company also has a field kit upgrade to take delay up to 40 seconds at a cost of $400.
A spokesman said early BD500s with 18-bit converters also can be upgraded to 40 seconds but will require an upgrade that will include a new analog card and added digital I/O.