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Exhibition Update

25–27 September 2008: BishkekTelecom, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan1–3 October 2008: CommunicVietnam, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam2–5 October 2008: 125th AES Convention, San Francisco, California8–10 October 2008: Informatika i Svyaz', Kyiv, Ukraine8–11 October 2008: Public Broadcasters International, Arles, France10–11 October

25–27 September 2008:BishkekTelecom, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

1–3 October 2008: CommunicVietnam, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

2–5 October 2008:125th AES Convention, San Francisco, California

8–10 October 2008:Informatika i Svyaz’, Kyiv, Ukraine

8–11 October 2008:Public Broadcasters International, Arles, France

10–11 October 2008:National Radio Conference, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

12 October 2008:Amateurfunk-, Rundfunk- und Elektronikbörse Dresden (ARED) , Dresden, Germany

15–17 October 2008:Streaming Media Europe, London, England

15–19 October 2008:Broadcast India 2008 Symposium & Exhibition, Goregaon (East), Mumbai, India

20–23 October 2008:SIEL&SATIS, Le RADIO, Paris, France

21–23 October 2008:Africast, Abuja, Nigeria

21–24 October 2008:TechnicAcústica / Acústica / ExpoAcústica, Coimbra, Portugal

26–28 October 2008:NAB European Conference, London, England

28–30 October 2008:IBIS 2008 Expo & Forum, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

29–30 October 2008:Digital Radio Show, London, England

29–31 October 2008:CAPER, Buenos Aires, Argentina

2–4 November 2008:CAB 2008 Convention, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

5–8 November 2008:BIRTV 2008, Beijing, China

5–9 November 2008:Broadcast & Multimedia Show, Jakarta, Indonesia

7–8 November 2008:SBES, Birmingham, England

8 November 2008:Offshore Radio Day 2008, Amsterdam, Netherlands

9–12 November 2008:2nd International Conference on Religion and Media, Tehran & Qom, Iran

13–16 November 2008:Tonmeistertagung, Leipzig, Germany

18–21 November 2008:NAT Expo, Moscow, Russia

19–21 November 2008:Inter BEE, Tokyo, Japan

19–25 November 2008:Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union Annual General Assembly, Bali, Indonesia

20–21 November 2008:News Xchange, Valencia, Spain

20–23 November 2008:Broadcast, Cable & Satellite Eurasia, Istanbul, Turkey

26–28 November 2008:INFOCOM, Skopje, Macedonia

30 November–2 December 2008:WABE Convention, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

8–10 December 2008:IBE 2008, Goregaon (East), Mumbai, India

3–5 December 2008: Audio-Video & Broadcast, Tel Aviv, Israel

8–11 January 2009:CES, Las Vegas, Nevada

9–11 January 2009:28th ASBU General Assembly, Saudi Arabia