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Expanded Traffic Information in TPEG Demonstrated at IFA

Next generation of DAB+ services shown at Berlin event

Representatives from Media Broadcast, Fraunhofer FOKUS, TomTom and Frontier Silicon jointly inaugurated the Transport Protocol Experts Group standard at IFA 2012 on August 31.

During the gathering attendees were able to obtain information on the technical basis, the new digital radio transmitter network and the potential of the new service. The presentation also focused on a recently developed new reception device capable of decoding traffic data in TPEG standard. The capabilities of the test device were also demonstrated at Fraunhofer’s booth.

TPEG is a method for the distribution of traffic information on digital transmission platforms. It enables the exact description of traffic obstructions and provides extensive information on parking possibilities or regarding passenger traffic. The services planned for the future include more precise prediction of traffic flows and the integration of further traffic telematics applications.

The extended traffic information is transmitted on Media Broadcast’s datacast platform, which allows distribution of data and value-added services on the new nationwide digital radio multiplex in Germany. The new digital radio system offers sufficient transmission capacity to provide the extended traffic information in TPEG standard for every user.

“TPEG software components enable fast distribution of traffic information through navigation systems and smartphone apps for example for short-distance public transport. TPEG is thereby an important component for secure and efficient traffic systems,” said Dr. Matthias Schmidt from Fraunhofer FOKUS.