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Expectations for Australian Digital

Major trials are going on in Melbourne, Victoria, and Sydney, New South Wales.

International market research and market data provider Research and Markets has issued a report on digital radio in Australia.

According to the Ireland-based research company, the January 2009 launch of digital radio in state capitals across Australia will cost the radio sector an estimated A$400 million, or about $373 million U.S. at current exchange rates.

In early 2007, Australian commercial radio broadcasters agreed to adopt the DAB+ standard for the implementation of digital radio. Research and Markets said, however, that many industry experts believe that new technologies such as wireless Internet radio may have overtaken the radio industry by 2009.

Major trials are going on in Melbourne, Victoria, and Sydney, New South Wales, with most commercial stations testing digital transmissions in coordination with Commercial Radio Australia.

Some stations in Sydney, said Research and Markets, are already making use of the advanced data capabilities of digital radio.

As part of the transition to digital, Commercial Radio Australia has teamed with ad agencies to help ensure that advertisers understand the capabilities of the new medium and what it can mean for their clients.

Responsibilities of the advisory group will include providing advice from the ad sector on the implementation of digital radio, as well as providing feedback and communication about the use of digital radio in advertising.