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Fairlight Re-enters Digital Audio Market

Fairlight Re-enters Digital Audio Market

Australian audio manufacturer has emerged from receivership with new financing and what it calls a renewed focus on developing new products.
The company, which was placed in receivership in April, has opened for business again and has sold several orders of its DREAM Satellite and Station gear, respectively a DAW and a recording/editing/mixing system, it said. According to the company, its backlog of orders is worth approximately $1 million.
CEO John Lancken attributed earlier financial difficulties to a “strategy of owning and operating a worldwide distributor network,” which could no longer be sustained. “Capital that should have been invested in development and manufacturing was, instead, going to pay for fixed overhead costs that simply could not ever deliver a return.”
Fairlight said it is focusing on developing products and leaving distribution in the hands of a network of independent companies. The company’s North American distributor is Media Gear.