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Faith-Based Groups Support Local Program Origination for LPFMs

Groups tell FCC they’re ‘dismayed’ local program original wasn’t a requirement before

Several faith-based groups are pushing the FCC to require new low-power FMs to originate some of their programming.

In a letter to FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski, some 70 clergy joined with nearly 250 lay people to make the request as the agency works to finalize rules for LPFMs.

Those rules would implement the Local Community Radio Act of 2010, we’ve reported.

The United Church of Christ said it and many members of the faith community were a strong constituency supporting passage of the LCRA. They hope the legislation will bring new LPFMs to thousands of communities in the next few years.

In the letter, the groups said they were “dismayed” local program original wasn’t a requirement before.

The FCC has not put a timeline on when it expects to complete the LPFM rules; officials must first sort out what to do with petitions of reconsideration filed by broadcasters on its proposed FM translator caps.

Since we last reported on LPFM filings made to the commission in mid-October, several more have been made and we intend to report on those.