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Fall NAB Radio Show Will Be at D.C.’s Grand Hyatt

Sessions, exhibits to be more integrated

There’s an official venue set for this fall’s NAB Radio Show.

During talks this week at the NAB board meeting, members heard that the next convention will be at the Grand Hyatt in Washington.

While Radio World had reported dates (Sept. 29–Oct. 1) and city for the 2010 show, the venue decision is new. The NAB and RAB will co-sponsor; they’ve said they want the exhibits and sessions to be more integrated, hence a hotel location rather than a typical convention center. A driving force for the change, though, is that this show is smaller than it once was — attendance last year was around 2,500, down 5% from 2008 — and a convention center-type event is expensive to stage.

NAB Executive Vice President of Radio John David and NAB Executive Vice President of Conventions and Business Operations Chris Brown updated members on the status of the radio event as well as the upcoming spring show.

Selection of Washington and of the Grand Hyatt will bring a new flavor to the fall show, possibly drawing more big D.C. names and also allowing attendees to do some lobbying of their own if they choose. The hotel is close to Capitol Hill (as well as the Verizon Center sporting complex).