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Fall Radio Show Sessions Coming Together

Show themes include a focus on needs of young professionals

With the 2015 Radio Show a couple of months away, the sessions and talks available for attendees are being filled out. New sessions for programmers, management, sales and marketing, and young professionals have been posted, covering topics like new forms of audio consumption, radio’s role in the connected car and how today’s young people can break into the industry.

The first day of the conference will have a big focus on young professionals with sessions like “The Coffee Colloquy: Generational Disconnects and Managing Up,” which will look into how new employees and established industry leaders view the current employment world differently. There will also be a “Chose Your Own Adventure,” where attendees can pick a topic relevant to them and have an industry leader speak on it; “An Integrated World” will focus on how digital-savvy individuals can affect the radio industry; and “If I Knew Then, Now… Wow,” with professionals explaining five things they wished they knew when they entered the industry.

Other sessions set to take place include “The Elephant in the Room: Real Challenges and Solutions for Programmers,” focusing on how programmers deal with all the different ways radio is being consumed, and “Dashboard Disruption for Programmers: How Can Local Radio Stay Strong in the Car?”, a look ahead to how in-dash technology effects radio in the car.

The 2015 Radio Show will take place Sept. 30–Oct. 2 in Atlanta, with a kickoff party Tuesday evening Sept. 29. Among show highlights, George Beasley will receive the National Radio Award.