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Fall Radio Show to Explore RF Safety, Maintenance

The convention cycle never stops.

The convention cycle never stops.

Registration is open for the fall NAB Radio Show in September, which will be in Charlotte, N.C.

NAB says the Technical Program covers various areas of interest to engineers, including compliance issues. Attendance qualifies for SBE re-certification credit.

The program includes Wednesday’s “NAB Radio Forum,” which is still in development but typically covers digital transmission, audio processing, facility improvements and IP audio technology.

Thursday, a course in RF safety includes an overview of RF radiation issues and how to create an RF safety program for a station. It is led by Richard Strickland of RF Safety Solutions who has presented 150 training courses and seminars on RF safety and written about the topic in publications including RW.

If your background is computers or studios and you feel like the transmitter site is a black hole, Friday’s AM/FM Transmitter Workshop may be helpful. It is led by John Bisset of Broadcast Electronics, author of RW’s Workbench column, and covers routine maintenance techniques for engineers managing multiple sites in addition to basic AM and FM theory.