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Fans Can Get ‘WEUP on Your Desktop’

Station is using ActiveAccess application from BIA Information Network.

Urban station WEUP(FM) hopes to increase consumer interaction through a new icon that listeners can add to their computer screens.

The broadcast outlet in Huntsville, Ala., has launched “WEUP on Your Desktop,” a computer app intended to help listeners remain in touch with the station when a receiver isn’t at hand.

The digital content delivery platform is sold to broadcasters by BIA Information Network. The application provides streaming broadcasts, station promos, breaking news and a station video of the week. An RSS reader lets the listener store feeds and will send text alerts and crawls about news, weather and AMBER Alerts.

The app is available through a download. It sits as an icon on a PC desktop and requires Internet access. The supplier said it requires little memory, is free of malware and does not interfere with corporate servers or network environments.

The station can deliver targeted content based on user preferences and Zip code.

WEUP is owned by Broadcast One.