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FCC Amends Part 15 Rules to Ease BPL Deployment

FCC Amends Part 15 Rules to Ease BPL Deployment

The FCC not only eased deployment by wireline carriers of Broadband Over Power Lines this week it also amended its Part 15 rules to encourage that development. The FCC says its rule changes ensure existing services are safeguarded from interference from BPL devices. Although specifics of the order are not yet out, the FCC stated in a press release its new rules impose new technical requirements on BPL devices such as the capability to avoid using any specific frequency and to remotely adjust or shut down any unit. The rules also establish “excluded frequency bands” such as aeronautical communications frequencies, a public Access BPL notification database for an organized approach to identification and resolution of interference.
Under the amendments, the equipment authorization for Access BPL systems changes from verification to certification.
Ham operators have protested allowing BPL to grow because of concerns of concerns to some amateur radio frequencies.