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FCC Approves LPFM at Astrodome

FCC Approves LPFM at Astrodome

The FCC has approved a low-power FM to be built in Houston to serve the hurricane survivors living in the Houston Astrodome and nearby buildings.
The Prometheus Radio Project says relief volunteers and independent media organizers in Houston received an okay to build a 30-watt station, to air at 95.3 FM; however they were also waiting for permission from officials at the Astrodome.
The radio volunteers, led by community media publishing group Houston Indymedia, are working with engineers and technicians to launch the station, to be called “Katrina Aftermath Media Project.”
The Houston Indymedia volunteers, who produce a radio program on Pacifica station KPFT(FM) in that market, are moving their studio to the Astrodome. They await receivers for all the people living at the Astrodome, according to project organizer Tish Stringer.