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FCC Begins LPFM CP Approvals

First permits are flowing

The FCC has begun issuing construction permits for additional low-power FM stations. Grants from the Audio Division of the Media Bureau are appearing in the commission’s Consolidated Database System.

Consultant Michi Bradley of REC Networks has listed various grants on her Twitter feed. And here is an entry for an LPFM permit in Dover, Ohio, as pursued by RW contributor Dan Slentz.

Bradley said Center Pole Inc. of Garryowen, Mont., was the first one to be granted, Facility 195668. Looking at the name of the community, one wag wrote to Radio World, “Someone at the FCC has a great sense of humor.”

The commission has moved quickly since the recent window to approve construction permits in so-called singleton situations. We will have more as the story develops.

Applications in the recent window totaled about 2,800. The commission had recently identified about 900 LPFM applications that were technically acceptable and did not conflict, and another 400 application groups, as we had reported. A settlement period for the latter is currently underway.

Even if only the first 900 were accepted, the number of LPFMs in the United States would more than double; the current licensed total is 824.

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