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FCC Bill Carries Indecency Amendment; NAB Unhappy With Tone

FCC Bill Carries Indecency Amendment; NAB Unhappy With Tone

Sen. Fritz Hollings, D-S.C., spoke out against broadcast indecency during the reauthorization vote (see story above), and attached an amendment to allow the agency to treat a single instance as a violation of the broadcast indecency rules, instead of treating a long exchange as a single violation, as it does now. That amendment is part of the bill now sent to the Senate.
Separately, in a statement released by NAB, President/CEO Eddie Fritts said, “It is clear from today’s vote that a number of senators don’t fully appreciate the unique role played by local radio and television stations all over America. From Amber Alerts to life-saving weather warnings, from anti-drunk driving PSAs to charitable fundraisers, broadcasters are fulfilling our commitment to community on a daily basis.
“As this debate moves forward, we look forward to a dialogue with Congress on the importance of preserving and strengthening the role of free, local broadcasting,” Fritts stated. He was apparently reacting not only to Hollings’ amendment but also to other criticism of broadcasters during the hearing.