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FCC Chairman Welcomes New Legal Advisors

Wheeler’s office also says goodbye to two members of his legal team

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler announced the appointments of two legal advisors, while saying goodbye to two others.

Starting Oct. 26, Jessica Almond will serve as legal advisor for media, enforcement and public safety issues, and Edward “Smitty” Smith will serve as legal advisor for wireless telecommunications, engineering and technology, consumer issues, as well as the broadcast incentive auction.

Wheeler also said goodbye to legal advisors Maria Kirby and Renee Gregory.

Kirby joined the commission in 2012 as a legal advisor in the Wireless Telecommunications Bureau and was appointed to Chairman Wheeler’s staff upon his arrival. Within the last several months, she has played a high-level role in several AM revitalization discussions.

Gregory, who has been on maternity leave since July, is leaving the commission for a new position that will be announced later this year. She served as wireless legal advisor to Wheeler and to Chairman Julius Genachowski. She also served as chief of staff in the Office of Engineering and Technology.

Prior to rejoining the commission, Almond worked as government affairs counsel at consumer electronics maker HTC America, as chief of staff in the FCC’s Wireless Telecommunications Bureau, as special counsel in the office of Chairman Genachowski, and as legal advisor in the Media Bureau.

Prior to moving to the chairman’s office, Smith served as director of the District of Columbia Office of Victim Services and Justice Grants, and has worked with the Incentive Auction Task Force, the Enforcement Bureau, the National Telecommunications and Information Administration, and was a candidate for District of Columbia Attorney General.