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FCC Closes Books on Galaxy’s Syracuse Move

Local competitors had challenged it

The FCC is seeking to wrap up some eight-year-old business involving WTKV(FM), its city of license and several broadcasters in the area.

Station owner Galaxy Communications had sought to modify the community of license from Oswego to Minetto, N.Y., a few miles closer to Syracuse. The station airs at 105.5 MHz and simulcasts programming of WTKW, “TK99,” a sister Galaxy station in Syracuse.

The Media Bureau originally said no to the change because, at the time, Galaxy had an interest in nine stations in the Syracuse metro, three AMs and six FMs, exceeding the local radio ownership limits of seven and no more than four in one service. Galaxy’s holdings had been grandfathered; but the lower limits kicked in when it applied for a minor change to implement a change in community of license.

The company has since divested its ownership interests in WGKV(FM) Pulaski and WZUN(FM) Phoenix, N.Y. Based on that change, the FCC this January approved a change in community of license for WTKV.

Galaxy’s earlier appeal remained on the books but became moot, so the FCC has now dismissed it.

In issuing that finding, the commission also noted that three owners — Clear Channel, Cumulus and Multicultural Radio — had jointly asked for review in this case; but the commission denied them, saying the companies had not demonstrated sufficient harm to claim legal standing, and that they also had not chosen to participate earlier, at the appropriate time for such a challenge.

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