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FCC Considers Low-Power AM Proposals

FCC Considers Low-Power AM Proposals

The FCC is considering proposals to establish a low-power service for AM. The deadline to submit comments to Docket RM-11287 is Nov. 21, although there is a request to extend that to Nov. 28.
Five petitioners have put forth proposals, which include allowing LPAMs to air commercials, exempting LPAMs from license auctions, allowing individuals to obtain a LPAM license. In contrast, LPFMs are limited to non-profit organizations.
The petitioners are: Nick Leggett and Don Schellhardt, two of the original petitioners for LPFM; The Amherst Alliance, the Michigan Music Is World Class!
Campaign and the LPAM Network.
A key goal of the latest Petition is “achieving balance in Low Power Radio, by making room in community-focused broadcasting for those individuals and small businesses who were left out of Low Power Radio on the FM side,” stated Schellhardt.
The FCC has authorized more than 600 new LPFM stations since 2000.