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FCC Cracking Down on Debtors

FCC Cracking Down on Debtors

They’re calling it the “red light rule.” Beginning Oct. 1, any individual or company that owes money to the FCC won’t be getting a license or any other service from the agency until the debt is paid. The new rule is being implemented under the Debt Collection Improvement Act of 1996.
When an application or request for benefit is filed, the agency will check the FCC Registration Number to see if the entity or person owes money to the commission.
“Multiple FRNs associated with a Tax Payer Identification Number will be included in the red-light check; and if the TIN is found to have delinquent debt – your application will receive a red-light,” states the commission in its notice.
Delinquent debtors will be notified and given 30 days to either pay the debt or make other arrangements. Those who don’t pay or make special arrangements will see their applications dismissed.
The commission is also cracking down on those who don’t pay their application fees in a timely way. All application fees must now be paid in full before an application will be granted. In the past, the FCC when an application fee was underpaid, the application was processed and the applicant was billed for the additional amount. Beginning Oct. 1, the commission will still bill for the additional application fees due, but will not complete processing of the application until full payment is received.
Anyone who thinks they owe the FCC money can check by accessing the Fee Filer on-line system located on the FCC Web site at : FeeFiler/login.cfm