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FCC Denies Indecency Complaints About Football Intro

FCC Denies Indecency Complaints About Football Intro

It might have been naughty, but it wasn’t indecent.
The “dropped towel” bit on a Monday Night Football introduction was sexually suggestive and titillating, the FCC has decided, but not indecent. After receiving several complaints about the Nov. 15 segment, the agency reviewed the broadcast involving an exchange between football player Terrell Owens and actress Nicollette Sheridan, appearing as her character in ABC’s “Desperate Housewives.”
During the scene, Owens, who’s dressed, and Sheridan are alone in the locker room. Sheridan wears a towel and tries to seduce him.
The commission notes Sheridan only drops her towel at the end of the segment and viewers could only see her from the back, nude from the waist up. The agency said the scene is not graphic or explicit enough to be indecent.
Commissioner Michael Copps did not object to the decision, but said, “There wasn’t much self-discipline in this particular promotion. Broadcasters can and should do better.”