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FCC Dismisses Hundreds of LPFM Applications

FCC Dismisses Hundreds of LPFM Applications

The FCC is cleaning house as far as LPFM applications are concerned. It dismissed nearly 500 LPFM station applications because they did not comply with the congressionally mandated third-adjacent channel protection rules – the ones that say there must be certain channel separations between LPFMs and existing full-power stations. The 3rd-adjacent channel protection rule wasn’t in place when the first two batches of LPFM license applications were filed.
Subsequently, Congress passed legislation in December 2000 mandating third-adjacent channel protection standards for LPFM facilities, including those specified in then-pending applications. The 484 applications dismissed today represents those that did not file timely corrective amendments, said the commission.
LPFMs that want to appeal have 30 days to submit proof they did file the paperwork on time.