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FCC Dismisses XM’s New Product Certifications

FCC Dismisses XM's New Product Certifications

A step backwards for XM.
As reported here earlier, XM had received new equipment certifications in June for the Delphi XM SkyFi2 and Audiovox Xpress to reduce emissions and comply with occupied bandwidth regulations. The certifications were for modified equipment configurations using in-vehicle compliance testing based on the FCC’s recent procedure clarification, according to XM.
Now, the satcaster reveals in an SEC filing that the commission dismissed, though did not deny, its new certifications. “Dismissal allows the equipment certifications to be reinstated if the equipment is deemed compliant,” states XM.
It said it’s working to complete design or installation modifications and to retest these and other FM modulated products “to address uncertainties regarding emission variability with testing results.”
The company is looking at all of its FM modulated products and asked manufacturers to suspend production or shipments for modifications that include changing their operating or installation instructions, or software and hardware modifications “such as small attachments that reduce emissions through the antenna or the cigarette lighter adapter.”