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FCC Fines Clear Channel $247,500 for Apparent Indecency

FCC Fines Clear Channel $247,500 for Apparent Indecency

The FCC issued a total of $247,500 in proposed fines for apparent broadcast indecency by three Clear Channel stations in connection with the “Elliot in the Morning” program on Stations WWDC(FM), Washington; WRXL(FM), Richmond, Va., and WOSC(FM), Bethany Beach, Del. The commission proposed the maximum fine of $27,500 for each of nine apparent indecency violations.
The fines come two weeks after Clear Channel instituted a zero tolerance policy on broadcast indecency that led to the firing of jock Todd Clem, known as “Bubba the Love Sponge,” and the suspension of Howard Stern from 6 of its stations.
The language in dispute aired in March of 2003 and described the sexual talents of a pornographic actor.
Clear Channel said it would investigate the situation and now has delay equipment on that show.