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FCC Fines Five Florida Pirates

Commission announces a series of $10,000 fines

Florida has long been a particular favored spot for radio pirates. The FCC has just announced a total of $50,000 — five $10,000 fines — in separate cases of unlicensed stations.

The commission said Alex Alcime operated a station on 95.7 MHz in Fort Myers, Fla. Operating on a tip, agents traced a signal to Alcime’s residence and also found a website for the station. Alcime admitted to the agents that he was DJ “Short Dawg” mentioned on the site, according to the agency.

Also acting off a tip in Fort Myers, agents found Patrick Michael Ford operating an illegal station on 95.7. He called himself DJ “Joker” and the station also had an internet ad for “Peace in Da Hood Radio,” according to the commission.

Agents found that Mikhail Rhodd was operating an unauthorized station on 89.5 MHz from his mother’s home (where he lived) in Lauderdale Lakes, Fla. The station, too, has a website, “89.5 FM Stuntastic Radio.”

Thomas L. Morey operated an unauthorized station from his garage on 88.3 MHz in St. Petersburg, Fla.; while Antonio Robinson operated illegally on 105.5 MHz from his commercial suite in Miami, according to the commission. In this case, agents traced a coaxial cable from an antenna into the suite, where they found the unlicensed transmitter in the ceiling. The transmitter’s display read 105.5 MHz.

The individuals named have 30 days to appeal the penalties.