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FCC Fines Ham Operator for Unauthorized FM Transmissions

Agency says Brian Ragan also refused to allow an inspection

It appears an amateur operator overstepped the bounds and operated an unauthorized station on the FM band.

The FCC’s Enforcement Bureau fined Brian Ragan $17,000 for operating an unlicensed transmitter on 104.9 MHz and for not allowing his station to be inspected.

Ragan holds an amateur license for station KF6EGI in Suisun City, Calif. Last February, the FCC traced unauthorized RF signals on 104.9 MHz to Ragan’s garage. Agents heard the unlicensed station identifying itself over the air as “KBRS.”

They tried to inspect the station, but no one answered. Ragan later told the FCC he was afraid to open the door once he heard the agents identify themselves as being with the agency’s Enforcement Bureau. The California resident admitted to operating the unlicensed FM for six months, according to the agency’s account.

Ragan has had a ham license for at least six years, and “should be aware that any radio equipment at his station must be made available for inspection at any time when requested by the FCC,” said the agency in its decision.

The California resident has 30 days to submit a sworn statement stating that he no longer operates the unauthorized FM or any other unauthorized station and will make his amateur station available to the FCC for an inspection.

Ragan has 30 days to appeal or pay the fine.