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FCC Fines WSPR $22,400 For Indecency

FCC Fines WSPR $22,400 For Indecency

The FCC has fined Edmund Dinis, licensee of WJFD(FM), New Bedford, Mass., $22,400 for allegedly airing indecent programming on the station he used to own, WSPR(AM), in Springfield. The programming at issue involved jokes about anal and oral sex, excretory activities and sexual intercourse with a child present. The commission investigation was sparked by a complaint that includes tapes of the broadcasts in question.
The FCC says the tapes show the material aired between 7 a.m. to 9 a.m., in outside of the so-called indecency “safe harbor”.
Dinis questioned whether it was really WSPR that ran the material. He said the employees responsible for the programming at the time no longer work for him. Dinis also stated he does not have tapes of the broadcasts, so he cannot confirm or deny what aired.
As a licensee, Dinis is responsible for the actions of his employees, the commission stated. Dinis has 30 days to pay the fine, or submit financial documentation to support reduction or cancellation.