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FCC Flags More Sirius Devices

FCC Flags More Sirius Devices

Auto equipment maker Directed Electronics received a letter from the FCC stating that its Sirius ST2 and Sirius S50-C wireless devices are out of compliance with emission limits or the applicable operating frequency range. In an SEC filing, Directed Electronics said the commission seeks information regarding the certification, manufacturing, importation, and other matters relating to these radios.
Directed Electronics says it will cooperate with the FCC and work with Sirius and DE’s “contract manufacturers” to make necessary modifications, obtain new equipment authorizations where appropriate, and minimize supply disruptions to retailers. DE began selling, marketing, and distributing products for Sirius in 2004 and has distribution rights for its Sirius products with Best Buy and Circuit City.
The Sirius S50 was one of the wireless satellite radio devices tested by Meintel, Sgrignoli & Wallace for NAB. In the report, the engineering consulting firm said the S50 apparantly violated the Part 15 limit of 48 dBuV/m with an average of 74.7 dBuV/m tested on three frequencies.