FCC Form Revisions Take Effect

Small business and minority participation was goal of initiative
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Users of some important FCC forms should take note.

The Media Bureau has announced that revised FCC Forms 301, 314, 315 and 345 are now in effect as of Thursday (May 21).

The changes stem from an order adopted by the commission in late 2007 to increase participation in the broadcasting industry by small businesses and new entrants, including minority- and women-owned businesses. Some of these rule and policy changes necessitated changes to relevant forms, the commission said.

Form 301 is an application for a construction permit for a commercial station. Form 314 is for assignment of a CP or license. Form 315 is for transfer of control of a corporation holding a CP or license. And Form 345 is "Application for Transfer of Control of a Corporate Licensee or Permittee, or Assignment of License or Permit, for an FM or TV Translator Station, or a Low Power Television Station."

Here's the announcement, including contact information for questions. The FCC main form page is here.


Revised Broadcast Content Rules Take Effect

After the FCC announced an overhaul of the rules governing licensee-conducted broadcast contests, the Office of Management and Budget approved the rule changes last week, as observed by the blog of law firm Fletcher, Heald and Hildreth.

Increased Indecency Fines Take Effect

President Bush recently signed the Broadcast Decency Enforcement Act, increasing the potential fines for broadcasting indecent material by a factor of 10. The former max - a mere pittance at $32,500 per violation - is history. Now you're looking at a much heftier $325,000 per violation, up to a limit of $3 million per day.