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FCC Hands Out September Assignments

Call sign actions range from metropolises to teeny towns

September saw dozens of stations receive new or revised call sign assignments from the FCC.

Some big groups made the list. CBS Radio Stations Inc. changed the call sign of KXNT-FM in Henderson, Nev., to KXQQ-FM, while Clear Channel Broadcasting/iHeartMedia received an updated AM call in Tallahassee, Fla., changing WNLS to WTLY.

Small licensees were on the map too, including the Crow Creek Sioux Tribe, which was awarded a call sign for KZZE-LP, a new low-power station in Fort Thompson, S.D.

Assignments ranged across the nation. In tiny McGrath, Alaska, with a population of 354, the Kuskokwim Public Broadcasting group was awarded the call sign KSKO-FM for a new station there. Big cities made the list, too: in Boston, Pennsylvania Media Associates, part of Salem Media, changed the call sign of former Radio Disney AM outlet WMKI to WBIX.

This month was busy for Hispanic Target Media Inc., which was awarded call signs for four new FM stations in New Mexico and Texas. Among less familiar names, Aframsouth in Montgomery, Ala., a nonprofit group that supports the strengthening of African American families, which received a call sign assignment for new low-power station WUMO-LP. And Southern Belle LLC received four modified FM call signs in the very Yankee state of Pennsylvania.

Assignments also were scattered among educational groups and organizations with religious affiliations, ranging from Montana State University in Helena, Mont., and New Buffalo Area Schools in New Buffalo, Mich., to New York Catholic Radio in Poughkeepsie, N.Y., to Calvary Chapel Morris Hills in Dover, N.J.

There are about 30 new low-power FMs among stations receiving first-time call signs. The FCC database currently has 1,352 licensed LPFMs, as that service continues to expand.

Changes associated with pending sales are also on the FCC’s radar. KMIK(AM) in Tempe, Ariz., will become KHEP after being sold to Gabrielle Broadcasting. KWWC-FM will become KMUC(FM); the station was sold to the Curators of the University of Missouri in Columbia, Mo.

The list of call sign assignments can be found here (PDF).