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FCC Imposes $75,000 Fine for Unauthorized RF Device

FCC Imposes $75,000 Fine for Unauthorized RF Device

The FCC means business when companies market unauthorized RF devices. The commission fined ACR Electronics $75,000 for apparently violating this rule.
Although the case doesn’t involve radio station transmission equipment, station personnel can still learn from this instance. The Commission found that ACR displayed and advertised its new personal locator beacon at industry trade shows, sporting and outdoor magazines and catalogues – before receiving FCC certification. Display and advertising of an unauthorized radio frequency device is only permitted when the ad is accompanied by a disclaimer indicating that the device has not been authorized by the commission and may not be sold in the U.S. until the device is certified.
The agency found that ACR’s ads had no disclaimer and that some of ACR’s advertisements inaccurately represented the devices as being certified.
ACR told the commission its new locator beacon was similar to the previous, certified, model and that it was only marketing it to industry reps. who would know it was not yet certified (and not for sale), and not marketing it to the general public.
In the the press kit for one of the devices, the TerraFix, ACR states in the brochure the device was FCC-approved, according to the commission. ACR had 30 days to appeal or pay the fine.