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FCC Issues Latest Station Count

Here’s the breakdown

As we do every three months, Radio World passes along to you the latest “station totals” from the FCC.

So: How many licensed radio stations are there in the United States?

As of Sept. 30 (and showing June 30 numbers in parens):

AM: 4,784 (vs. 4,786 in June)
FM commercial: 6,512 (6,494)
FM educational: 3,251 (3,223)
Total: 14,547 (vs. 14,503 in June)

That doesn’t include FM translators & boosters, of which there are 6,161 (vs. 6,168 three months ago), or low-power FMs, of which there are 864 (no change since mid-year).

Including various TV licenses, the commission counts a total for broadcast stations of 30,785.