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FCC Issues Three Warnings in Portland, Ore.

Notices sent to unlicensed operations on 1710 kHz

The FCC Enforcement Bureau resident agent in Portland, Ore., has issued three notices of unlicensed operation of radio signals on the high end of the AM band.

The notices went to separate people, though it sounds like it might be one transmitter that agents were chasing around the region.

Between late July and late August, the FCC issued separate notices to Anatoliy M. Goncharov and Oleg L. Levitskiy, both of Portland, and to Vitality Gridinar, in the community of Woodburn to the south.

All three were told that the FCC had traced unlicensed signals to their residences. The transmissions were measured at levels ranging from 1,200 to 14,000 microvolts per meter at distances of 50 to 580 meters; the allowable unlicensed limit under part 15 is 100 uV/m at 30 meters.

The frequency for all three broadcasts: 1710 kHz, not exactly a common pirate radio slot.

The operators were warned that the radio transmissions are illegal and told to discontinue operation immediately or provide evidence of a valid license.