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FCC Launches ‘License View’

Public can explore licenses through online dashboard

The Federal Communications Commission has released what it’s calling FCC License View, a tool designed to make the commission license management information easier to find.

This is one of several Web updates the agency has completed, aimed at reforming how the agency collects, uses and disseminates its data.

With the tool, a visitor can access data from the FCC’s five licensing databases, using what the agency describes as a simple online dashboard. With the new system in place, 2 million licenses are accessible, and that number will eventually climb to 3 million.

This consolidated portal allows users to access information on the number of different licenses across services, the number of licenses owned by particular entities and how many licenses are up for renewal in the future.

The tool gives users three ways to access and use agency data: HTML pages, raw data files and Application Programming Interfaces.

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